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Using Shopify Flow, you can now automatically add tags to customer information based on the coupon used.

Using Shopify Flow, you can now automatically add tags to customer information based on the coupon used.

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As the title suggests, this time, ``Using Shopify Flow, you can automatically add tags to customer information according to the coupon used.''
That's the story

After briefly explaining the conclusion (how to set up Shopify Flow), write down things like ``Why did you decide to do this?''

Conclusion (How to set up Shopify Flow)

The settings for Flow are as follows

To briefly explain the flow, when an order is created → when a coupon is used → a tag is attached to the customer according to the coupon.

The point is that the variable is used in the action's Add customer tags

Why did you decide to add tags according to the coupons used?

Simply put, I wanted to create a segment for those who did not use a specific coupon.

The details of the incident are as follows

At the beginning of every month, we sent out birthday coupons (expiration date: within the current month) via e-mail newsletter, and near the end of the month, we sent out an e-mail newsletter reminding us that the coupon was about to expire.

At that time, I suddenly thought, ``I don't want to go through the trouble of sending out an e-mail newsletter to people who have already used the coupon.''
I thought,
“Then let’s make it possible to create segments based on whether or not coupons are used!”
As soon as I thought of it

Things to keep in mind when setting up Shopify Flow

Initially, I was trying to create a workflow like the one below with Shopify Flow.

I was almost satisfied with this, but

"With this, wouldn't it be necessary to create a workflow each time it is needed?"
"Isn't that a bit of a hassle?"
I realized this and settled on the current settings.

If you had to create a workflow every time you created a new coupon, it would be quite troublesome during operation (= it would not be used), so it was great to be aware of how troublesome it would be in advance.

Summary (learning)

  • You should not only look at the problem in front of you and think of solutions.
  • Being troublesome is surprisingly important
  • I can't see the bottom of Shopify Flow (I think it can still be used)
  • After all, searching in English is necessary.

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