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The story is that it is better to produce output.

The story is that it is better to produce output.

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This time, it will be a column rather than the usual Shopify-related one.

I wrote about what I was happy to output and what I am trying to keep in mind.

What was good about the output

  • Needless to say, you will acquire knowledge.
  • Simple and connected to work
  • Surprisingly, when you send out information, you gather more information and more people.

The third point, ``When you send out information, you will gather more information and people will come together'' is what I realized when I sent out information.

Information gathers at the person sending it.

I've heard that before, but it's true.

I'm very grateful that you can tell me things like, "When ◯◯..."

What I keep in mind when outputting

Here are some things to keep in mind when outputting:

  • Even if it is a trivial or simple thing, I write articles to solidify my knowledge and believe that it will be useful to someone else.
  • I don't write articles about things that I can understand by looking at the official help → On the other hand, if I want to add a line of my own experience/thoughts, I write articles.
  • Try to structure your article so that it solves the reader's problem the moment they see it (I don't like redundant articles that seem to be concerned about SEO).
  • General how-tos are good, but I want to write articles that really hit home with as much specific background as possible.
  • I was worried that I might have written something strange, but I had the courage to spread the word on Twitter (I got surprisingly good comments).
  • Finish in about 30-60 minutes

Common misunderstandings and answers about output

I have summarized common misconceptions about output and answers to them (based on my research).

I don't want to easily release the information I've acquired!

Most of the information should be available to anyone if they try hard enough, and just having the information doesn't add any value, so I think it's better to make it public as soon as possible.

I don't have time, I'm busy!

I understand,,
However, this is simply a matter of priorities.

If you don't mind, you can blog in about 30 minutes and tweet while using the toilet.

I have nothing to send,


It's easy to think, "No, this isn't worth it..." but I think it's up to you to decide whether the information you send out is worth it.

Anything you do will be useful to someone who is half a step behind you.

If I'm wrong, if you think I'm ignorant...

it's okay

In fact, if someone corrects me, I might be considered lucky and ignorant, but the fact is that until then, the existence itself was unknown.

Recommended output method

Output in a visible place

Output it to a place where people can see it, such as Twitter, blog, note etc.

By doing so, you will get a reaction = you will be evaluated.

And it will lead to motivation and brush up.

Don't worry too much about the format

Most of the media that you often see are written by professionals, and I think that the output and purpose of an individual are different in the first place.

Above all, raising the hurdle will only tighten your neck, so try doing it without touching your shoulders and elbows.

Continuation is more important than form